How this will happen

Remarkably, there is already a core Fibre Optic network in the village of Broughton.  It was installed by a company who were trialling new technology and Broughton was used as a “showcase” village.

We have now purchased that network, and we have SUBSTANTIALLY upgraded the speeds available over it.  We would like to extend this service to everyone in the village.  County Broadband will roll out a fibre optic cable network around the village and at the end of every drive we will install a small “pot” – a little bit like the water meter pots installed by the water companies. This “pot” is your gateway to a better future!

Each household will then be able to take advantage of our fibre optic broadband by connecting their property to the “pot” at the end of their drive.

Once the connection is complete you can choose to go as fast as you like – from 10 to 1000 Mbps (and that is both in upload and download) and phone calls are cheaper too!