A new and better, lower-cost broadband and telephone service for the village

We are extremely pleased to launch our new fibre to the premises (FTTP) project in Broughton. This will provide the very best broadband delivery service into the village and future proof Broughton’s broadband provision for decades to come.

This will deliver a better broadband solution than is available in London, in New York, and in Tokyo, and it will be here across the whole of the village!

We are hosting an open meeting on Thursday 4 August in the Village Hall from 5pm until 9pm and we would like to extend an invitation to come along and meet us and ask any questions.

Order the service NOW and save £210

For anyone that pre-orders the service BEFORE 8 August, we will provide our standard Connection for FREE – that is a saving of £210.  So you won’t have any costs for upgrading to this new network, and there are substantial savings to be made, as well as the opportunity to have the fastest broadband in the country… in Broughton!

Because this broadband solution is delivered via a new fibre optic cable, you can even use it to replace your current telephone service.  This should significantly reduce your current phone charges – so even if ultra fast broadband isn’t your first priority, you can still benefit from the savings to be made as our entry level broadband plus phone tariff costs less than BTs line charges (before they start to charge you for phone use and broadband).

If you are interested in getting fibre optic broadband delivered to your home please register your interest now.
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