What if I am already in a contract with another provider?

This one is easy!  You will have THREE choices… and we think you will like option 3 quite a lot!

Option 1

Cancel the service you currently have, or

Option 2

Have both their service AND our service (You can do this because our service will be delivered by a separate fibre cable) or,

Option 3

We want you to join our service.  So we will honour this connection offer, and allow you to connect to our service at a time of your choosing up to 18 months from when you place your order, or 12 months from when the service is available to you (whichever is the lesser) subject to proof that you have not since renewed or taken out a new contract since placing your order with us.  This should give you ample time to notify your current provider you will not be renewing your contract with them and will still mean you get to benefit from the offer we have made.